Gator 1 Central University of Florida

Gator 1 Central Card Programs Agreement Terms and Conditions

  1. Nature of Account. University of Florida, referred to herein as "UF" and GATORONE referred to as "G1C", agrees to accept and to hold for the benefit of the Holder, and exclusively for the purposes described herein, funds prepaid by the Holder to a plan maintained by G1C and referred to herein as a " GATORONE Account".  Funds prepaid by the Holder to a GATORONE Account shall be applied to charges for goods and services made by the Holder through the use of a GATORONE Account.  The holder understands and agrees that a GATORONE Account is not a credit card account and that under no circumstances may debits or charges to the account result in a balance below zero.  A GATORONE Account may not be used to obtain cash or cash advances under any circumstances. 
  2. Establishing an Account. GATORONE Account(s) known as a Gator Dining Declining Balance, UF Bookstore or Campus Vending debit account, will be activated by G1C for the Holder no less than one business day after receipt of an initial minimum prepayment of fifteen (15) dollars.  Additional prepayments may be made at any time in any amount equal to or greater than fifteen (15) dollars, at the G1C office or online at www.  gator1.  ufl.  edu.  After the plan is opened, there is no minimum balance required.  G1C reserves the right to apply a maximum limit to the accumulated prepayments on any individual account on a case-by-case basis. 
  3. Commuter Meal Plans. Commuter Meal Plans are purchased per semester.  Meals and flex bucks do not roll over at the conclusion of the semester.  Commuter Meal Plans are non-transferable and bound by the guidelines set forth by Gator Dining Services.  The Commuter Meal Plan program is only available to off-campus students.
  4. Faculty & Staff Meal Plans. A Faculty/Staff Meal Plan is available to any UF faculty or staff employee. The meal plan offers 30 meals plus $25.00 in Flex Bucks. Payment is due at time of purchase.  Payroll deduction is available for those who qualify. 
  5. Meal Plans. All Meal Plans are non-transferable and bound by the guidelines set forth by Gator Dining Services.  Fall meal plans require a two-semester commitment (participation in both the Fall and Spring semesters).  Payment for the Spring semester will be due in mid-November, please contact Gator Dining Services at (352) 392-2491 for additional details.  Declining Balance Accounts are not considered or recognized as a meal plan.
  6. Inactive Accounts.  Any account determined to be inactive, without transactions or deposits for over a twenty-four (24) month period, will be considered inactive and will be charged a twenty-five (25) dollar inactive account fee every year the account remains inactive until such account receives a zero (0) balance.  In addition, G1C will deactivate the account when it has been determined to be inactive to prevent unauthorized use and will require a new agreement by Holder before reactivation. 
  7. Financial Aid Awards Payment Option. Any account ordered by choosing the Financial Aid Awards Payment Option will only be established and made available for use when it is determined by G1C that adequate financial aid is available for such use.  If it is determined that such aid is not available or subsequently the aid is not provided for such use by the Holder, it will be the responsibility of the holder to make payment for these services in another manner in order to maintain the account(s).  Failure to make payments on any goods and services purchased and debited to a GATORONE Account within forty-five (45) days will result in deactivation of such accounts and the charges will be placed on the Holder's University Financial Services account as a debt.  If your coverage is determined to be sufficient, your meal plan or your Declining Balance Account wil be activated for BOTH fall and spring semesters without further notification to you.
  8. Locations. The Holder may use GATORONE Accounts to purchase goods and services at UF wherever payment through use of the particular Gator 1 Account is authorized. 
  9. No Interest on Funds. The Holder understands and agrees that no interest or other earnings will be paid to the Holder or credited by G1C to the Holder's plan. 
  10. Account Activity & Statement. Upon request to the GATORONE Office, the Holder may receive by email a monthly account statement detailing all GATORONE Accounts activity for the preceding monthly calendar period.  Account information may also be available online. 
  11. Account Information Access. Due to the Buckley Amendment and other laws relating to the rights to privacy, account information may only be released to the Holder unless specific access is granted by Holder in the form of writing or online authorization. 
  12. Use of GATORONE Accounts. The Holder must present his or her official GATORONE Card at the time of transaction in order to access the Holder's GATORONE Account.  The plan is non-transferable and, except as provided below, the Holder is responsible for purchases made and debited to the Holder's plan.  In order to prevent unauthorized use of the Holder's identification card, additional identification may be required from any person attempting to access the Holder's plan.  There is no daily limit on the number of purchases that may be made and debited to the plan, provided the Holder does not exceed the amount of funds in the Holder's plan at that time. 
  13. Transfers Between Accounts. Only one funds transfer, at a minimum amount of five (5) dollars, and maximum amount of two hundred (200) dollars will be allowed every 120 days between different G1C accounts established by Holder. 
  14. Lost or Stolen Cards. The Holder shall immediately report any lost or stolen GATORONE Card to the GATORONE Office during business hours in person, or by telephone (352) 392-8343.  Online deactivation is also available for immediate service at www.  gator1.  ufl.  edu. 
  15. Holder's Liability for Unauthorized Purchases. If a GATORONE Card is lost or stolen, Holder is responsible for all unauthorized card purchases.  Once the card is reported as lost or stolen, the GATORONE Card (and its associated GATORONE Accounts) will be deactivated.  Cards may be deactivated by Holder online through www.  gator1.  ufl.  edu. 
  16. Error Resolution Procedures. Holder must telephone (352)392-8343 or write the GATORONE Central, UF Bookstore & Welcome Center, PO Box 112115, Gainesville, Fl 32611, as soon as possible, if Holder believes there has been an error in connection with the Holder's Plan.  Such notification must include: Holder's name and UF ID number, description of the error or the transactions Holder is unsure about, an explanation of items believed to be in error or why more information is requested, and the dollar amount of the suspected error.  If notification is made orally, G1C may require that Holder send the complaint or question in writing within ten (10) business days.  G1C will inform Holder of the results of its investigation within ten (10) business days of the date UF hears from Holder, and will promptly correct any error.  If G1C requires more time, however, G1C may take up to forty-five (45) days to investigate Holder's complaint or question.  In that case, G1C will credit Holder's account within ten (10) business days for the amount Holder claims is in error, so that Holder will have the use of the money during the time it takes G1C to complete its investigation.  If Holder is asked by G1C to put Holder's complaint or question in writing and G1C does not receive it within ten (10) business days, G1C may not credit Holder's account.  If G1C determines that there was no error, G1C will send Holder a written explanation within three (3) business days after the conclusion of its investigation and immediately debit the account in the amount of the credit.  Holder may ask for copies of the documents that G1C used in its investigation. 
  17. Closing Plan; Refunds; Returns. G1C reserves the right to close a Holder's account(s) at any time, and to refuse any application to establish a new account.  Students who choose to activate any prepaid G1C account are not permitted to withdrawal prepaid funds until the student either graduates or withdrawals from the university.  Staff, Faculty members and affiliates who choose to utilize prepaid G1C accounts, will not be permitted to withdraw funds unless their employments or affiliation with the University ceases.  A refund may be requested after the holder graduates, withdraws, or terminates.  All refund requests must be directed to the GATORONE Office in writing.  If the Holder decides to open another GATORONE Account thereafter, the Holder will be required to enter into a new GATORONE Account agreement.  Goods and services purchased and debited to a Gator 1 Account may be returned according to return policies at the location where the purchase was made; if such return is permitted, the Holder's account will be credited for the appropriate amount.  The Holder understands and agrees that no cash refunds or withdrawals may be made to the Holder.  There is a $10 Administrative Fee applied to any refund requests that are granted.
  18. Effective Date of Agreement.
  19. GATORONE Central. These terms and conditions shall be in effect from the date of receipt of a signed application or online agreement from Holder through G1C until the plan is closed. 
  20. Modification of Agreement. The terms and conditions of this agreement are subject to change without notice.  In addition, the University of Florida and/or the G1C office may terminate these programs in whole or in part at any time. 
  21. Governing Law. These terms and conditions shall be governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. 

Updated January 30, 2020