Classic Fare Catering at the University of Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delivery fee? Yes, events outside of the Reitz Union may incur a delivery fee.

Is linen included? We typically include the linen needed for your food and beverage tables. Some buffets and plated meals may also include the linen for guest tables. Additional linen can be rented for an extra charge. (Linen is not included for any Simple Takeaways orders).

Is china included? China is included for events in the Reitz Union, events outside of the Union may rent china for an extra charge.

Do I need to pay a gratuity? No, we do not charge a gratuity to our customers.

How many people does 1 gallon serve? 1 gallon has approximately 16 servings in it based on an 8 ounce cup.

Will Classic Fare Catering handle the tables and chairs? We do not provide tables and chairs, these are the responsibility of the client. We can help you rent them or set them up but there may be an additional charge.

How late can I place my order? We recommend placing all orders at least 2 weeks in advance. You can place an order up to 3 business days prior without incurring a late order fee.

Does Classic Fare Catering deliver off campus? Yes, we do!

How late can I cancel my order? We ask that you cancel your order in writing by 3 business days prior to the date.

I don’t have a lot of money, can you work with my budget? Of course! We have a wide variety of options and the sales staff will be happy to customize an order for you.