About 72,000 pieces of mail are distributed daily to various departments on campus and 21,600 pieces are distributed to residence halls. Because this is a heavily used service, please keep campus correspondence confined to official university business.

A. Interdepartmental Mail
Interdepartmental mail consists of enveloped correspondence between UF departments. Mail between departments should be placed in reusable interdepartmental envelopes, not white envelopes, to reduce the cost of departmental mailing supplies and eliminate the possibility of accidentally applying postage.

The Interdepartmental Mail service does not include the pickup and delivery of any books or large packages from one department to another. Departments must call UF Mail Services when they have a large amount of mail.

To provide proper delivery, internal mail requires a full name and a PO Box address. If you do not provide PO Box numbers for internal mail, it will delay delivery. Also, interdepartmental mail must be sorted into piles by like PO Boxes and these piles should be bundled using a rubber band. Example of sorting piles by like PO Boxes: 

This bundle only contains mail with
PO Box 112450
This bundle only contains mail with
PO Box 112462

and so on, etc.

Interdepartmental Envelopes
These are envelopes used repeatedly for internal mailings (see example shown below). When using interdepartmental envelopes, make sure all previous markings have been marked out to ensure proper handling and direction to the intended recipient. If you need additional interdepartmental envelopes, they can be purchased from UF Mail and Document Services (392.0629).

Change of Address
A change of your internal location must be acted upon promptly. As soon as you learn of your new location and PO Box address, be sure to contact your department’s secretary or office manager so they can update your information in the UF Directory. Your new PO Box number, location, and telephone number will need to be indicated.

B. Residence Hall Mail
Correspondence to students must be sorted by residence hall and separated from U.S. Mail and interdepartmental mail.

The mail must show legibly:

  • Name of the student
  • Box Number, Residence Hall
  • Gainesville FL 32612+4 code (+4 code varies by residence hall)

16043401 YULEE HALL