Example 1: International Air Mail Form—IPA
(three to seven day delivery)

Use this form for international delivery if:

  1. the mailpiece weighs one lb. or less
    (If the mailpiece weighs more than one lb.,
    contact a University Postal Manager for other mailing options.)
  2. no special services are needed (i.e. insurance or registered)
  3. the mailpiece is a letter form
    (including envelopes up to 8 1/2” x11” in size)

IM.gif (8216 bytes)

Example 2: General Mail Form
(four to eight day delivery time on International Air Mail;
other delivery times vary depending on service requested)

Use this form for all USPS delivery services except IPA. Please note that International Air Mail sent with this form is four to eight day delivery.

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Please call UF Mail Services for a copy of the Mail Processing
Slips with your account number barcoded on them.
The original must be used to make copies.