University of Florida PO Box Lookup
This PO Box Lookup has been developed to assist you with finding a UF Department's PO Box Number. On the UF Campus, a department's PO Box Number is their mailing address.

Therefore, all interdepartmental mail and incoming U.S. mail should be addressed with a PO Box Number. It is important for each department to notify its correspondents and encourage them to use your PO Box address. A correct and complete address will speed delivery of your incoming mail.

To find a department's PO Box address, enter the department name or any part of the department name and click search:
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To search for a department by PO Box, enter the PO Box Number and click search.
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Please note: The department that UF employees work for does not necessarily determine their PO Box Number. So when sending mail to UF employees, it is important to either call and ask them for their PO Box Number or use the UF Campus Directory to find their PO Box address.