How does this program work?
You must be registered for classes in order to view My Textbooks in ISIS.  You will find the link on the left side of the ISIS home page.  When viewing your course schedule with your textbooks, use the Advance Order button at the bottom of your schedule to create a shopping cart at the UF Bookstore.  Only courses with listed texts will be transferred to your shopping cart.  You may have to revisit at a later date to advance order texts that were not listed on a previous visit.  Once you have completed an order, you will not be able to modify this order. If you need multiple orders combined, please indicate this in the “Comments” field of your next order(s) by listing the order number(s).  If your first order has not been already been filled by UF Bookstore staff, every effort will be made to consolidate later orders with your first if time permits.

How can I pay?
If you elect to pay for books using the Deferred Payment Program, please select “Financial Award” in the Payment Type menu and enter your 8-digit UFID number without the hyphen (i.e.12345678) in the account number field.  MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover are accepted.  Credit cards or deferred payment accounts will not be charged until after your order has been filled.

Can I buy used books?
The shopping cart defaults to Used books rather than New and includes Recommended texts as well as Required. If you prefer to receive New books or fewer books than those pre-selected, check and/or de-select the appropriate items.

Why is the textbook information missing?
Textbook data for courses is provided by instructors and is updated daily.  If one or more of your classes indicates “No information received,” it is recommended that you revisit the website at a later date or contact your instructor directly for information.  Once you have the information, the textbook can be special ordered for you through the UF Bookstore.  Please use the contact information below.

Why are there multiple listings for texts for a course?
In some cases, multiple editions of a single text might be listed under a course.  For example, it may be possible to purchase a text by itself and also as part of a package containing a study guide.  Please check your order carefully to insure that you are not purchasing the same book twice. There may also be recommended or optional texts.

Will there always be new or used texts available?
All orders are subject to availability and a submitted order does not guarantee availability of either New or Used books.  For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you elect to allow substitutions.  While the UF Bookstore always strives to provide precisely what you’ve selected, the “Substitute” option allows flexibility when necessary to provide books to meet your academic needs.  Such substitutions may change the total cost of your order.  It is understood that you may, upon receipt or pickup of your order, choose to return some items.  Please refer to our return policy for further details.

Please contact the UF Bookstore by phone at 800-226-3015 or (352) 392-0194 and by email at UFBookstore@bsd.ufl.edu for assistance.  For more information, visit www.gator1.ufl.edu. Spring 2012