Student Textbook Requirements
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Spring 2012 AFA 3930 084B RACE & LAW CONSTIT M W F 1 LEI 207 Stafford,Samuel P
Required or recommended texts:
Title: IN THE MATTER OF COLOR,RACE AND THE AMERICAN LEGAL ISBN: 0195027450 Cover: paperback book
Author: A.LEON HIGGINBOTHAM,JR. Edition: 1978 Copyright: Publisher: OXFORD PRESS  
This text is required  
Title: THE SUPREME COURT,RACE AND CIVIL RIGHTS ISBN: 0803972202 Cover: paperback book
Author: ABRAHAM DAVIS & BARBARA GRAHAM Edition: 1995 Copyright: Publisher: SAGE  
This text is required  
Title: ETHNIC AMERICA ISBN: 0465020755 Cover: paperback book
Author: SOWELL Edition: 1981 Copyright: Publisher: HARPER COLLINS  
This text is required  
Title: MIXED RACE AMERICA AND THE LAW ISBN: 9780814742570 Cover: paperback book
Author: JOHNSON, KEVIN Edition: 2003 Copyright: Publisher: NEW YORK UNIV.  
This text is required  
Title: RACISM WITHOUT RACISTS ISBN: 9780742546851 Cover: paperback book
Author: BONILLA-SILVA Edition: 2ND Copyright: Publisher: ROWMAN & LITTLEFIELD  
This text is required  
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