Student Textbook Requirements
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Fall 2019 MAC 1147 17646 PRECALC ALG AND TRIG
Required or recommended texts:
Title: PRECALCULUS ISBN: Cover: hardback book
Author: LARSON Edition: 10TH EDITION Copyright: 2018 Publisher: CENGAGE  
This text is optional  
UF All Access products:
Product: WebAssign for Precalculus, 10E SKU: Vendor: IED Publisher: Cengage Product is required
Comments or Notes: Before purchasing, check with your instructor to see if access is required to WebAssign. Access to WebAssign includes the ebook (Precalculus, 10th edition, by Larson). Purchase Options if required by instructor: i) Students have the choice to “opt-in” to WebAssign access at for a REDUCED price and pay for these materials through their student account. ii) Students are able to purchase a WebAssign access code through the UF Bookstore. NOTE: There is also a loose-leaf print version of the textbook available at the UF Bookstore for students who wish to have a printed resource. iii) Students can purchase the required WebAssign access at, but NOT at the reduced price.
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