Student Textbook Requirements
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Summer B 2018 GEO 2242 4D52 EXTREME WEATHER TO ARRANGE   Haro-carrion,Gonzalo Xavier
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Required or recommended texts:
Title: EXPLORING PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY ISBN: 9781259671630 Cover: e-book
Author: REYNOLDS Edition: Copyright: Publisher: MCGRAW HILL  
This text is required  
UF All Access products:
Product: Connect for Physical Geography, 2E SKU: Vendor: IED Publisher: McGraw-Hill Product is required
Comments or Notes: This course requires the purchase of an ebook - the information is given on Canvas and MUST be purchased from within the Canvas software. You will have access to Canvas in advance and we will allow time during the first days of class. Assignments, reviews and quizzes will be part of this ebook requirement and it is critical to your success in this course. The book cost approximately $90.00. See Canvas and Syllabus for full purchasing instructions - we will cover this in the first few days of the class.
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