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How does the program work for students?
UF has established this program to assist students in obtaining books and supplies before financial aid awards are received and classes begin.  A credit amount is established at UF Bookstores. Purchases made are placed on your student payables account at Criser Hall as made. When financial aid is disbursed, the purchases are deducted.  If financial aid is disbursed prior to purchases being submitted, you must make the necessary payments through ISIS or Criser Hall in a timely manner to maintain a non-delinquent status.

Which financial aid awards are included in the program?
Scholarships, loans and grants administered through the University are used in determining eligibility.  Examples are Florida Pre-Paid, Pell Grants, Minority Scholarships, National Merit Scholarships, Federal Direct Loans and many others.  Florida Lottery Bright Futures Scholarships are included for fall and spring only.

How do I find out if I'm eligible to use the program?
The information is posted on your View Course Textbook Requirements page through ISIS as early as the beginning of the deferment period and is updated daily from that point on depending on the availability of the financial awards information.  The View Course Textbook Requirements button is located on the page where you access your class schedule.

Where may I make purchases?
Bookstores participating in this program include the UF Bookstore, located at the Welcome Center, the Health Sciences Bookstore, located in the J. Hillis Miller Health Center and the College of Law Bookstore located in Bruton-Geer at the Levin College of Law.  If you need to make purchases at more than one of these stores, call (352-392-0194) for assistance. At the checkout counter, just say "Gator 1 Deferment" and present your Gator 1 card to the sales associate.

What may I purchase and for what period of time?
Purchases are limited to educational items.  Anything required for class will normally qualify.  Purchases may be made at all locations beginning 12/1/2017 and ending 1/15/2018 for the Spring 2018 term . The deadline for returning books is 1/15/2018.

What happens if I don't use the program?
Only the purchases made will be placed on your student account and deducted from your aid.  If you don't use the program, nothing is taken from your aid.

What happens if I don't use all my extended credit?
Only the purchases made will be placed on your student account and deducted from your aid.  The amount of extended credit is only a limit as to what may be charged against your aid.

Why are my books not listed with my schedule?
If you see "No information available", the instructor has not provided the information to Course Textbook Requirements.  The instructor is ultimately responsible for making this information available.  Use the department link to contact the instructor or department.

Other questions?  Please contact us at for deferment assistance. 

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