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University of Florida Textbook Adoption Access Request for Textbook Vendors

The UF Business Services Division, in cooperation with the University Registrar, has implemented an internet-based textbook requisition system.   Information in the system is provided by University departments and professors.   Local bookstores and Internet book suppliers requesting access to this information will be provided access upon submission of the information below.  Every local bookstore or Internet booksupplier requesting access should submit this form with a unique e-mail address and password for every individual in their organization who needs to view this information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will activate your registration via e-mail, therefore you must provide your own valid and working e-mail address below.

If you are a UF faculty or staff member you can login with Gator Link at http://www.textadoption.ufl.edu/ and view all adoptions at Adoption History.  Students can view course textbook requirement through their course schedule at http://www.isis.ufl.edu or at http://www.bsd.ufl.edu/textbooks/.

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