Approving Catering Invoices (As of December 2019)


Departmental approver logs in to myUF MarketPlace: myUFL -> Main Menu -> My Self-Service -> myUF MarketPlace.


Upon login into myUF MarketPlace, approver selects Accounts Payable from the menu on the left, and then AP Home.


Once the approver has accessed Accounts Payable, AP Home, select the flag to view Action Items.


Select my Assigned Approvals or Unassigned Approvals (you cannot approve an invoice not assigned to you).


Approver selects the invoice submitted by the vendor/department by clicking the "Invoice No." link.


The Invoice Process screen opens, displaying invoice information: Invoice Number (voucher number), Supplier Invoice Number, Supplier Name, Invoice Image.


Verify that all of the information matches the invoice. Input business purpose, if blank, and verify that the invoice number and invoice date match the attached invoice.


The approver fills in all department chartfield information, as usual. The account used is based upon the type of caterer being paid.


Caterers are approved for providing catering services for On- or Off-Campus. A specific Account has been assigned to each type of catering event.


Once the invoice information is verified by the approver and all chartfield information has been entered, the invoice can be approved and is submitted for secondary approval.