Approve Catering Invoices (As of July 1, 2016)

Departmental approver logs in myUF Payment Solutions, following the path from myUFL as seen below.
Upon login into myUF Payment Solutions, approver selects the catering invoice transmitted into Corcentric by the vendor by clicking on the icon shown below.
"Invoice Processing" screen opens, displaying the invoice, invoice details, vendor details, and allocation part for chartfield information.
The approver fills in all the departmental chartfield information as usual with the exception of the Account which is based on the type of the caterer being paid.

Caterers are approved for providing catering services either On-Campus or Off-Campus. A specific Account has been assigned to each type of caterers.
Account 799400: used for Off-Campus events and all Gator Dining/Aramark (Classic Fare Catering).

Account 715500: used for approved On-Campus Caterers except Gator Dining/Aramark (Classic Fare Catering).
Once the invoice information is verified by the approver and all chartfield information is inputted, invoice can be approved as usual and is submitted for the secondary approval process.